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15 hr Life CE - Life Insurance
Life Insurance CE course offers an overview of the life insurance industry and the elements of traditional life insurance.This course is structured with the right content, delivered in small quantities, with learning, assured through frequent fill-in-the-blank questions, elements of information emphasized, and instructor-guided learning. Several tools are provided to make your learning straightforward and comprehensive. Your course contains Lessons, Quizzes, and a Final Exam. Lessons ar..
1hr General Lines CE - Flood Insurance Concepts
This Property and Casualty / General Lines CE course provides the Insurance Agent with all the information needed to quote, write and service the most common types of flood insurance. This course has been approved for insurance continuing education credit by the Colorado Division of Insurance. This Colorado CE course is approved for 1hr of intermediate level CE credit. No classroom attendance required.This course is structured with the right content, delivered in small quantities, with lear..
Flood insurance is a special policy financially backed by the Federal Government, with cooperation from local communities and insurance companies. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established in 1968 by the National Flood Insurance Act to provide property owners with the opportunity to purchase insurance protection for flood losses and to encourage communities to implement and enforce measures to reduce future flood risks in special flood hazard areas.  This course ha..
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