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The course discusses Professional Standards and Practices, including an explanation of Insurance Fraud, Regulatory Ethical Standards, and Regulatory Standards of Practice. The State of Iowa has approved this course for your Ethics CE credit requirement.

The primary goals of this course include all of the following:

  • To acquire an in-depth knowledge of the insurance regulations especially in the areas pertaining to the conduct of insurance practitioners.
  • To commit to a high level of integrity and ethics in our relationships with Insureds, Insurers, other insurance practitioners, and vendors.
  • To develop high ethical standards of conduct among insurance practitioners, that can result in meeting and exceeding the minimum ethical standards required by the state's insurance regulations.
  • To meet the fiduciary responsibilities through vigilant compliance with insurance laws and regulations.
  • Lastly to embody the attributes of ethical conduct learned in this course in order to overcome the challenges inherent in the altruistic nature of an insurance profession.

This Iowa CE course has been approved for 3hrs of intermediate level insurance continuing education credit (Ethics) by the Iowa Insurance Division. No classroom attendance required. We will beat any price on Iowa CE courses!

Course Provider: OnLine Training, Inc.
Provider #: 31540
Course Approval #: 106237

Provider Info
Provider Name OnLine Training Institute
Provider # 31540
Course Approval # 106237
Course Info
Satisfies State Requirements Iowa Ethics CE
Course Length 3 hours
Enrollment Length 1 month
Extension Availability Yes, a 30-day extension, for a $49.00 charge, may be requested a maximum of three times and should be requested BEFORE the course expires.
Author/Instructor James Van Putten Vink

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