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With your Life, including Variable Annuity (2-14) license, you can be appointed by an insurer or Insurers to represent their company and sell life insurance and annuity contracts. You can also be the owner of your own insurance agency or become an agent for an agency.

  • Life insurance agents are appointed to transact/sell life insurance, fixed-dollar annuity contracts, and variable contracts by the same insurer.
  • Agents can also sell annuity contracts, including, but not limited to, fixed or variable annuity contracts;
  • You can also sell policies that offer additional benefits such as Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance and or Disability Insurance.

This 40-hour pre-licensing course focuses on the role of the prospective producer (insurance agent), representing an insurer as to life insurance and annuity contracts. The course covers general concepts including underwriting, types of policies, provisions, riders, options, and exclusions. It explores personal, family, and business use of life insurance products, as well as major tax considerations. The course concludes with an overview of state and federal laws and regulations governing insurance transactions and dealings with the public.

You will gain immediate access to the course when purchased online through this catalog (using credit/debit or Paypal). Your Enrollment is for 3 months.

View a similar course demo (the 2-15 course, not the 2-14 course). NOTE: Be sure you do NOT click the link to purchase the course from the 2-15 demo if you want the Life-only, 2-14 course! This link will take you to purchase the 2-15 Health and Life course.

You may view the Syllabus here.

Required TextClick on the following link to purchase the most recent edition of the required State Study Manual.

NAIFA - Florida Study Manual and Study Aids -

On the NAIFA publisher website linked above there are additional study aids available, namely Flashcards and a Workbook (practice exams). You can buy just the manual or one or more study aids to go with your manual. A discount is given if you bundle two or more items. There are also options to buy just the study aids if you already have your manual. All manuals are available in print form only, the publisher does not currently provide digital copies.  The manual is available in English or Spanish, study aids are in English only. NOTE: The State study manual is required by the Florida Department of Financial Services for all Pre-Licensing course students, the optional study aids are not required (but you might find them helpful).

Course Provider: OnLine Training, Inc.
Official Title: 2-14 Life Agent (including Annuities and Variable Contracts) Pre-Licensing Course
FLDFS Provider #: 366468
Course Approval #: 109161

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For a limited time we are offering a discounted access to a Practice Exams course for students who are currently taking our 2-14 pre-licensing course and are almost finished, to enable students to study for both our course Final Exam and the State Exam. A hidden page in the pre-licensing course will be made available to you immediately before your course Final Exam; the page will be seen and become accessible from the course Home Page once you pass the Florida Specifics Section Exam. This page will give you a Coupon Code to use, instructions on how to use it, and provides a link to our Enrollment Center where you can enroll in the Exam Drills course, PE006, for only $10.00!

Provider Info
Provider Name OnLine Training, Inc.
Provider # 366468
Course Approval # 109161
Course Info
Satisfies State Requirements Florida
Course Length 40 hour
Enrollment Length 90 days
Extension Availability Yes, a 30-day extension, for a $49.00 charge, may be requested a maximum of three times and should be requested BEFORE the course expires.
Author/Instructor Jeff King
Course Availability Florida

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