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This course helps the student learn how to read and interpret concepts used in understanding history as it is being published today. Units covered include Canadian History, Civics and Government, World History, Geography, and Economics.

He or she will learn to understand what he or she has read, take what he or she has learned and apply it to new situations, discern differences and relationships between ideas, and how to make judgments based on what he or he has read. Though the student will be gathering information and specific facts in the course, remember that the test will cover his or her ability to use ideas and concepts effectively rather than memorize facts and dates. (Although a general knowledge of important events in history will help. Upon proper completion of this course, the student should be able to pass the post-test for the course and successfully complete this section of the GED.

Canada: GED - Social Studies
Author: James L. Harned, PhD 
and Ophelia Holmes

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Author/Instructor Ophelia Holmes
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